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The Damn Devillez journey begins with producer and creator

Harley Harpurr AKA Harley Deville.

Harley spent years as a competitive dancer, an aspiring choreographer, and received her certificates in Dance Teaching and Choreographic Studies. After moving to Los Angeles, she discovered the world of burlesque and began performing regularly. Over time, she became tired of performing in burlesque troupes that didn’t quite fit her style, so she created The Damn Devillez as a way of expressing her personal style as a dancer and performer. From that point on, Harley dedicated all of her efforts to launching the Devillez, even working as an exotic dancer to help fund her efforts. It is during this period that there were a significant number of performers who did not fit in with more conventional troupes. She decided that the Devillez would be built on performers from all different walks of life with unique talents which may not have been appreciated in other troupes. The Devillez would build a signature style based on these unique performers, allowing them to be themselves for audiences who would appreciate their individuality, not reject them for it.

Now with her own burlesque troupe, and apart of many other troupes, Harley expresses her theatrical art more than ever. With her combination of sex, blood, and rock n roll, there’s no one like her and her fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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